people are united

 by talking with each other




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Intuition – “Knowing it without being aware

of knowing it”


Mental knowledge comes from different sources and communication channels. All these sources and channels have one thing in common: they are sent by mental transmitters, which can be other people and/or one’s own perception through one of the five sensory channels.


Intuitive knowledge comes from being and does not require the receipt of information through mental channels. This means that knowledge goes straight through the transmitter and can be directly forwarded as such. We also call this the sixth sense.


It is really important to me that information received through intuition (I am referring to information both of economic or personal nature) is communicated for the sake of the person, the project or the company.


Such information creates the basis on which we work, make changes and optimize processes and outcomes. This type of access is very efficient and significant when time is a contributing factor for economic success.


Clarify, Anticipate, Analyze and Make a Point


So, let me say this Power-Point presentations do their job.


Nonetheless, I appreciate it when the selected raw diamonds for projects are already of high quality and pros and cons are subsequently polished to perfection – the motto is “We don’t have any problems, we have solutions”! In addition, the analysis focuses on necessary basics like the choice of material to hold the diamond in place, such as white-gold, red-gold or yellow-gold, and all of a sudden we only have to deal with one final thing: the design that completes the beautiful diamond ring (“Still, Diamonds are a girl´s best friend“!). In other cases and industries we have a useful programmed tool in Excel that can be used as a reporting and controlling tool and provides review, forecast and actual status, saving unnecessary kilometers = work time = money.


Broad Experience: From Small Businesses to International Corporations - During Crises and in Normal Times


“Walk three moons in someone else’s moccasins before you make any judgments about that person”.

Native American Proverb


So I walked many moons in boots, high-heels, flats,(in summers I like wearing flip flops…) as employee, leader, project manager, consultant, coach, mediator, energetic coach, and trainer. I have mastered mountains and valleys and reached some peaks. After my initial legal professional path finally I realized that I do not want to judge or convict others. As Osho says: “Let understanding be the only law”.


Furthermore, I have learned that in addition to the necessary expert knowledge, the heart, brain, humor, and common sense are quite significant in everything we do. Also, trust is one of the strongest assets in both business and private matters.


Equipped with these skills I can look back and remember many successful projects that I have completed with the help of wonderful and interesting people. My most recent project was the very clear and simple Hypo Soft-Rebranding With Heart project (“Hypo Alpe Adria – supportive, friendly, fair“). The project was based on a wordless, humorous cartoon advertisement for international advertising. It differs quite significantly from other TV ads by featuring low advertisement print (=budget). The TV ad achieved major acknowledgement and recognition during the first month of broadcasting.  The creation of a cartoon advertisement is about 20 times less expensive than a TV ad with real people, and can be completed in a rather short period of time. This allows flexibility and cost-saving presence in the market.


While with Electrolux, I learned that lateral thinking and odd, sincere and fun ideas within the scope of a trustworthy work environment are possible even during difficult economic times. Furthermore, they made a major contribution to a successful process of change. Networking among people (whether it is the supervisory board member or the assembly line worker), teambuilding, information, and integration demonstrate that communication is  one of the pillars that supports a successful overall implementation – this applies to all cultures within Europe and beyond!


I have direct contact with people when I coach and mediate. Therefore, I always use my skills of intuition, empathy and down-to-earth analysis, assuring that I always open my heart and show compassion with the goal of achieving the best for the person that I work with.


“You can only lead to the point that you have reached yourself”.

August Höglinger


Having said this, I am happy to share my knowledge, expertise and experience!


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