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Internal Branding & Employer Branding


Richard Branson, billionaire and founder of Virgin Group, said that “when it comes to business success, it is all about people, people, people” and that “people are not only important for the business, but they are the business. “


Internal Branding is the development of a company’s personality by integrating team members into branding activities. This process fosters a corporate culture that not only automatically results in the employees’ identification with the company, but also nurtures emotional ties with the company. The brand exists through the people that act as brand evangelists.


Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective form of advertisement, especially when it comes from those who work for and strongly believe in a company or organization!

This is the core of authentic and sustainable acknowledgement as an attractive, credible and distinguishable employer in the market. To be positioned with such features attracts employees with desirable and engaging personalities and thus contributes to positive image branding– this is what is called employer branding.


Ideally, internal or employer branding begins with the integration of team members into the process of market development, and should spark the identification, emotion, enthusiasm, and flame for the own brand right away.


The internal brand manager is responsible for setting measures to keep the flame burning. The flame is the initiator, mediator and catalyst for developing the brand in synergy with senior management, corporate communications, strategic marketing, and human resources into a strong, charismatic and desirable personality in the market.


Creativity has no borders, and the sky (and sometimes the budget) is the only limit!


Internal branding specifically deals with:


  • Development and positioning of a brand
  • Conceptual design and execution of internal, integrative campaigns, workshops,  worlds of experience, etc. for the entire team, customers and stakeholders
  • Coaching of leaders to foster the brand in staff development and strategic sales measures


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