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Humor, Tolerance, Forgiveness – The Three Royal Virtues of our Hearts!


The three royal virtues of our hearts are truly essential and often the life savers that help us to deal with our own weaknesses, the weaknesses of others, and avoid needless or destructive argument. Humor, Tolerance and Forgiveness are the Qualities of the Heart!


These days we are subject to a faster, more self-serving, scheming, and performance-oriented society. It seems that the simple NOBLENESS OF THE HEART may be the MIRACLE MEDICINE for anger, annoyance, rage, aggression, and subsequent symptoms such as a Burn-Out or even worse.


Consider using the nobleness of your heart and you will find that feelings like anger and annoyance can be diminished or even extinguished - just like using an eraser!  - In many cases these negative feelings won’t even come up and you will be able to stay calm and collected in situations that would upset you today.


Arguments are the largest energy thief;  not necessarily the belief that one works too much at times.


You can learn to develop nobleness of your heart and practice how to use it.

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Let me invite you to a presentation and training session focused on the NOBLENESS OF YOUR HEART.


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