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Expressive Coaching for Artists and all

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The telephone game teaches all children one important thing: The message in not necessarily what is sent but rather what is received by the recipient.


Actors and singers have the desire and goal to express something particular when performing, and they are trying to send that message in a certain and tailored way.


The successful delivery of that message depends on many factors, ranging from sufficient rehearsals, personal blind spots and the personal condition, amongst others.


To receive feedback about how one is perceived by an audience can be very helpful prior to a performance.  Many facets of the performance, that are not associated with the personal condition, can be examined, reflected on, internalized, and improved or mastered, resulting in a performance that actually delivers the intended message to the audience.


Expressive coaching will provide you with energetic, authentic, linguistic, humorous and personality- related feedback regarding your performance. In addition, we will make adjustments to the overall effect from the perspective of another observer.


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