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Intuition Coaching


Nobody is perfect. We are all developing and working on making our lives “better, easier, happier, and more successful”. However, we are often standing in our own way of making progress, otherwise we would already be at the destination.  The hurdle is usually always the same: It is us.


Ok, let’s take this as good news, since it does not take anyone else but ourselves to work on making improvements. Still, we must be aware that no one else can take care of this task. It is all up to us!


Since it is all up to us, we have to recognize current blockades and problems or patterns that need to be addressed and eliminated. Only then can we live a less complicated life.

Intuition helps us to directly address these topics by becoming aware of and acknowledging them. Awareness is the first step to making a change!


Intuition coaching is a very efficient tool and highly recommended for those who do not have much time.


Intuition coaching units are one hour long.


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1130 Vienna, Austria

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