people are united

 by talking with each other

Leadership Training


Nobody is born the ultimate leader. Employees immediately notice what the boss could do better or differently. Having said that, the boss usually is not aware of his/her insufficient or inappropriate behavior, otherwise s/he would do better or at least differently at the outset.


The art of being a good leader is a life-long learning process. The plethora of interpersonal encounters unfolds many different facets of providing excellent leadership. As we all know, we live and learn.


There is good news: Success can be achieved; of course perfection takes time!


The challenge and responsibility of leadership should always be approached with the understanding that there are basic topics that need to be faced and reflected by the leader’s own personality, in order to make everyone’s life both easier and enriched.


“Leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people”.

Mahatma Gandhi


Leadership training deals with the following topics::


  • Basic elements of leadership
  • Profile of requirements and analysis of success
  • Authority through personality
  • Tasks and framework conditions
  • Areas of tension
  • Types of leadership
  • Leadership behavior
  • Self-analysis and the analysis of others


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