people are united

 by talking with each other

Mediation / Moderation


There are many levels of truth, and each level of truth is justifiable and has the right to be heard and to be understood. Each individual is unique and has his/her own personal cognition and, therefore, truth.  Humans try to express their cognition/truth through different types of communication channels (speech, writing, body language, facial expression, gesture, clothing, etc.) – we do this consciously and/or unconsciously. And, we hope or expect that our truth is received by others just the way we feel and think about it.


Actually, in most cases this doesn’t happen. As a matter of fact, in most circumstances the delivered message is perceived in a completely different way, resulting in misunderstanding and perhaps conflict.


The good news is that I can help you be heard, be understood, and understand, thus helping you to find a common solution!


Mediation can be very helpful for conflict resolution between employees, between employees and supervisors, as well as with customers.


Formal facilitation of meetings allows participants to focus on the meeting content and the positioning of own interests, while the facilitator is responsible for establishing a healthy atmosphere of conversation and a structured course for the meeting.


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