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Prana Healing


This energetic method for the support of powerful self-regeneration of the body is based on ancient knowledge that was studied, tried out and recorded in numerous bestsellers by Master Choa Kok Sui, and published in several different languages and taught worldwide.


After many treatments that I have provided to others, I have gained much first-hand experience and knowledge with this healing method. This allows me to quickly and efficiently address pain such as migraines (short-term as well as long-term), tendinitis, fever, feelings of exhaustion, menstrual cramps and pain, back pain, and more, and I am able to help you achieve full and sustainable regeneration.


If you are wondering how that can be done I can assure you that there are no wonders: Everything is a matter of cause and effect.


Prana Healing comprises physical treatments that use a contact-free technique. With this technique we clean the energy field (aura) while energy is fed to the main energy centers of the body (chakras). The body reacts very naturally and heals itself at a faster speed.


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1130 Vienna, Austria

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