people are united

 by talking with each other



To me, the most in-sync picture of a team is a performing symphony orchestra or band. Each individual musician is a professional, and the overall performance is not complete unless all musicians provide their individual contribution. The overall outcome can only be complete and satisfactory if all participants perform at their best. And still, there are manifold nuances that might be needed to achieve perfection.


A performance becomes synergistic when all individual team members know about, are sensitive to, and acknowledge the existence and role of the other team members, as well as the timing of the others’ as well as their own parts of the performance. When do I stand back and watch the overall performance? When do I give everything to assure that the overall performance is complete and in tune?  The presence of one’s mind and the awareness of coordination make the difference (and distinguish one group from another). These charismatic and appealing features are noticed and appreciated by the listener.


Teambuilding mainly deals with:


  • The building of trust
  • Self-awareness
  • Listening, understanding, and being understood
  • Getting to know strengths and weaknesses
  • Mutual experience and enthusiasm
  • Establishing the existence of WE
  • Tolerance


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